Friends and "secrets"

Friends and

Wrapping up the week of Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day with another story of a cherished friendship. Ingrid Kelly was my neighbor for nearly 20 years. Our kids played together every day after school and all summer. We spent countless cold mornings at the bus stop, still chatting long after the bus came and went. We got together for wine and snacks nearly every Friday with the kids running in and out between our houses.

We joked, laughed and talked each other through some tough times … kids, family, work, business. One day, during a particularly rough time in my life, I had heard about “The Secret” on the Oprah Winfrey Show. It was all about manifesting. It was message I needed to hear on that day.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it - all night. I couldn’t sleep. I planned to run out and buy the DVD as soon as I got the kids onto the bus the next morning. Just like I did every day, I met Ingrid at the bus stop. I couldn’t wait to tell her about “The Secret” and my plan to buy it – when the most amazing thing happened.


I was blown away. It was like “The Secret” was already working, I had thought about it, planned to get it … and here it was. I will never forget it. My husband and I watched that video over and over and eventually got ourselves out of a business we should never have gotten into.

In addition to being a great friend. Ingrid is also a successful business owner. She owns a popular local hair salon and gift boutique. Naturally (many years later) I wanted her opinion on Shavestix. She loved the idea and offered to support us right away by selling it in her store. She even helped me figure out the pricing structure. It was such a huge boost right at the beginning of our business and just what I needed to know I was on the right track.

Since then, she has sold out of Shavestix and re-ordered many times. I’m so happy that our product has contributed, even in a small way, to her continued success.

Our kids are all grown up, Ingrid moved across town. I don’t get to see her as much as I used to - but whenever we get together, it’s like I just saw her yesterday. I’m blessed to have her in my life.




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