Our Story

It all started with a gift of coconut oil. We wanted an easier way to use it for shaving ...but we couldn't find it. So we created it - Shavestix.

Simply put ...Shavestix. is a luxurious, easy to use, moisturizing replacement for shaving cream. Think of everything you hate about shaving with shaving cream, or anything else for that matter ... and Shavestix. makes it better!

Made with 25% coconut oil, Shavestix actually moisturizes your skin as you shave. Just get either your skin or the product a little wet and glide it onto your legs, underarms, bikini line, even your face! Follow along with the razor for a smooth shave with no cuts or bumps. Then before you step out of the shower, smooth more onto your wet skin and moisturize again! It's our "Hero" product, but more are in the works, like lip balm, a soothing moisture mist, natural deodorant and even sunscreen. It's made with clean ingredients and lasts 5X longer than a can of shaving cream.

We've captured some of our favorite scents - like wild beach roses, ocean breezes, salty air, lavender and coconut - in a luxurious shaving balm that softens and moisturizes your skin as you shave. With the help of some amazing friends, we started to market and sell it, and our customers loved it!

Shavestix is sold in boutiques and salons around the country (list coming to our website soon) and we're launching on QVC in 2022! 

A little info about our delightful scents ...

Dune Roses

Dune Roses was our very first scent and the entire inspiration for Shavestix. It’s that fleeting, but heavenly  fragrance of Wild Beach Roses drifting over the dunes, through salt air and sand. It has always been one of our favorite scents. Walking along the promenade by the shore, seeing and smelling those wild beach roses, feels instantly like home. 

Coconut Creme

Coconut Creme is our best seller, and a surprise hit! We created it because my mom loves the scent of coconut and thought it would be a nice addition to our line. It was!! Thanks Mom!! Coconut Creme is a delightful fusion of tropical coconut and warm vanilla, with some floral notes added in, too! 

Blue Water

Blue Water is inspired by some of our favorite scents ... like clean laundry fresh off the line, sea breezes and a new bar of soap in the outdoor shower. There’s a hint of coconut, too. 

Lavender & Sea Salt

Inspired by pots of lavender planted along the path of broken shells that led to a beloved beach cottage. The house is just a memory, but the scent of lavender and salt air brings it all back. 

Barber Shop

Because men want smoother, softer skin, too! Barber Shop has a refreshing scent, which combines vetiver and citrus, plus vanilla and a hint of tobacco oud..