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Pink Peonies

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  • We love peonies!
  • They bloom in the spring for a very short time, and they smell amazing. 
  • They’re a beautiful symbol of spring. 
  • Although I’m a terrible gardener, I purchased and planted Peony tubers in my backyard about about 5 years ago. It took two years for them to bloom...but now they’ve spread out and they bloom like clockwork. 
  • They must be planted in the fall, they bloom in the spring. 
  • Once they’re established, only thing they require is sun. 
  • They’re easy to care for, but they don’t like to be moved or messed with. 
  • If you provide the right foundation, they are hearty, reliable, consistent and beautiful. They come back every year and get better with age. They’ll live for a very long time. They’re worth the wait. Many metaphors here - in life! LOL 

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